Doctor in the Hallway

I walked past a black doctor today. I think he was a surgeon. He wore light blue scrubs and he walked with a long stride. He wore running shoes, the newer thin ones in a neon color I don’t remember. I wondered if he’d started the day by running miles and miles but then decided that he’d probably started scrubbing up before dawn. He had cut into someone this morning, I thought. He probably saved somebody’s life. And now he was going for coffee.

I admired him because he was handsome but also because he was a doctor and a surgeon. I am impressed by accomplishment and good looks.

What happens to you, dear handsome surgeon, when you leave the hospital? How do you tell people on the street or the police officer who stops you for speeding that you are a surgeon who saved somebody’s life this morning? Do you keep wearing your scrubs or do you change into Levis and a t-shirt? Do you become ordinary?

I fear for you if you become ordinary.

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  1. As a South African, I do not always understand the meaning behind some posts. But I will get there. As an Afrikaner, even trying to write comments in English can be difficult. Please be patient with me, Jan, I so enjoy reading on your blog. I think I get what you are saying, and now you have me wondering as well. Our black doctors, how do they keep themselves save in this country. Did they all move to mostly ‘white areas’. And if they did, is it because they feel saver there. I wonder.

  2. Thought provoking. I am still stupidly naive. It takes me shamefully long to clue in to the fact that the colour of a persons skin can put them at risk. It makes no sense to me so I have walked around with my head in the sand completely oblivious for 45 years. It makes no sense to me so I didn’t believe it was true. Just a very rare occurrence in my world, a sad testament to some troglodyte’s uneducated and ignorant way of thinking. Certainly not common. Not a real issue. Boy, have I been living in a fantasy land. I guess *my* thinking has been ignorant and uneducated.

    Thank you for the reminder.

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