Beautiful Braveheart

New York Times, May 13, 2007
New York Times, May 13, 2007

Several years ago, my daughter wrote an essay that was published in the New York Times’ Modern Love feature. Entitled My First Lesson in Motherhood, the essay describes in careful, you-are-there detail what is truly the heart of adoption—triumph over fear.

Many will say that the essay is about love. In fact, Dan Jones, the famous editor of Modern Love says just that. But I don’t think so. It takes a long time to love someone, even a child.

I believe the essay is about bravery. And when you listen to the podcast of this essay released just today by Modern Love/New York Times and you listen to Connie Britton read my daughter’s extraordinary essay, you’ll hear it and feel it —what it is to be brave. It’s not when you have no fear, it’s when the fear nearly cripples you and you reach down to whoever you are inside and decide to do the hard thing.

And that’s what she did and that’s why I am so glad her story is getting the attention it so deserves. Hers is a story worth repeating a thousand times. Her, with the beautiful brave heart.


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