On Why I Can’t Write Anything Decent Tonight

Every topic runs up a short, limbless tree that squirrels abandoned months ago in favor of leafier, greener, more intentional trees; every thought is stumped by what comes next, hesitation dries the well.


33 words inspired by my exasperation at my inability to finish five different blog topics I started tonight. Oh well.

5 Comments on “On Why I Can’t Write Anything Decent Tonight

  1. Yet you did write. My unfinished posts seem to be calling me from across a dry and very wide desert. I blame it on the revisions I am doing on my other projects but those are endless and blog posts aren’t. I will learn from this. Write something. Anything. Make the day count. Thanks.

    • I do better when I can’t afford to be self-conscious, like when I was doing the 100 Essays thing. Lately, the little mean critic in my head has been way too yakky.:)

  2. Great 33 words. I have a few drafts that aren’t going anywhere right now. I just keep them and someday, maybe, I’ll know how to finish them. 🙂

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