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Advent 12: At the Garage

That’s my mother, pushing up her glasses. It was, I think, at the very beginning of her very thin years. Her younger sister is looking over her shoulder at her. I remember my aunt’s hair, lush and wavy like a Hollywood star. My grandmother… Continue Reading “Advent 12: At the Garage”

Ageless Timeless

Don’t you wish sometimes you could have a Field of Dreams kind of experience and meet your parents before they were your parents? Encounter them somewhere ordinary like the line at the grocery store or getting gas at the corner station? Just chat with… Continue Reading “Ageless Timeless”

Go Visit the Dead

It’s a left turn off the main drag, past the house with the high stone foundation, up and down a couple of green hills that get greener and shadier. At the dip in the road is the entrance to Riverside Cemetery, headstones spread out… Continue Reading “Go Visit the Dead”

The Power of I Am Sorry: Mending Family Estrangement

I’m resurrecting this piece that I wrote several years ago about my long term estrangement from my parents.  It’s the story about how 10 years of silence ended. It also was the first serious personal essay I wrote.  It just goes to show that the… Continue Reading “The Power of I Am Sorry: Mending Family Estrangement”

Off the Hook

A few days ago, a very good friend who is also an adoptive mom sent me an article entitled “Accepting that Good Parents May Plant Bad Seeds,” published in the New York Times.   The thesis of the article, written by a psychiatry professor, was… Continue Reading “Off the Hook”

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