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Finding My Son’s Mother: Not My Riddle to Solve

I thought I’d found my son’s mother. She had the right name. She was about the right age. She was born in his country. And she looked like him. I enlarged the photos of her on Facebook, studied her face. She was stocky like… Continue Reading “Finding My Son’s Mother: Not My Riddle to Solve”

The Gathering

It could get crowded in my dining room with those three other women, the mothers of my adopted children. It made things tight bringing food out and clearing the table, struggling to inch past them, the skinny and stout, all with black hair and… Continue Reading “The Gathering”

Going Back to the Place You Were Left

We took our sons back to the place where they were abandoned as babies. In their late teens, they had no memory of anything in Nicaragua much less the place where they had last seen their birth mothers. It seemed graceless and unfeeling to get… Continue Reading “Going Back to the Place You Were Left”

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