Today was National Donut Day for Everyone but Me Friday Round-Up

I’m not supposed to bend over, lift anything heavy, drink through a straw, eat anything but liquid food, or hold up my lip to see what the dentist did to my gums for the next three days. I’m also supposed to ice my face for 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off for two hours and [quote] stay ahead of the pain [close quote] by alternating prescription Ibuprofen and Tylenol. All this so I won’t wake up one morning and find my teeth on my pillow.

The dental assistant turned on classical music and a meditation beach video which played on a large screen on the ceiling. The combination was mesmerizing because I am very good at being blank-minded, but I also closed my eyes much of the time to avoid looking at, you know, the instruments. About two hours into the procedure, I opened my eyes to see the tranquil beach scene replaced by a single traffic cone on a black screen. I didn’t ask for an explanation and none was offered.

I am impressed already by how much of my life involves looking forward to dinner. My husband will be eating the leftovers from last night’s dinner out – steak, ribs, and a heavy duty loaded baked potato, which, to me, is food of the gods. I am nursing a Boost, which he just made a special trip to the drug store to buy for me. Still, I am anticipation-less, which is a bummer.

You have to wonder – what do old people without money do about going to the dentist? I bought dental insurance in preparation for today’s extravaganza and still had a whopping bill to pay. How is dental care not considered part of health care and not part of regular health insurance and Medicare? Why is it considered a luxury? Like all us old folks are out here demanding pedicure insurance. It’s nuts. Dental, vision, health – all our parts need to be covered.

There was a fleeting moment today when my mind raced to Little Shop of Horrors but it was fleeting and insincere. All the dental people were very kind and gentle. At one point, when I got a bit of a zinger on one tooth, the dental assistance put her hand on my shoulder in the sweetest, most reassuring way, and then she and the dentist slathered on more painkiller. My dream team.

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  1. Funny you could mention this. I had to have my two front teeth replaced — the day before yesterday. LOTS of drilling and I don’t know how many impressions. Right now I have “temporary” front teeth. They look a bit weird. I can’t bite anything. It’s really hard to eat when you can’t bite. Mostly I have a headache from the two hours of that whining screeching drill which goes through your head — and Garry just had a 8 fillings done — and you can just imagine how his hearing aids dealt with that. He was wiped out for a full day. I think his brain overloaded.

    I had to save up for MONTHS to get this done. And we still have Garry’s hearing aids coming up, though it looks like he’s going for a second cochlear implant. They have made meaningful progress in that surgery, so whatever hearing remains in his left ear can stay there along with the implant. They couldn’t do this four years ago.

    We literally share your pain. I don’t know how people do it. I got $1000 off from Medicare (BCBS version) that reduced the price of my work by exactly $1000. But that was a lot better than nothing. Garry’s work is another thousand — after BCBS kicks in.

    And people ask why we don’t take a vacation. Hah.

  2. It’s ridiculous that Medicare doesn’t cover dental or vision. Who decided those don’t fall under the umbrella of health. How can you be healthy if you can’t eat? How can you take your bazillion medications correctly if you can’t see? I have a year before Medicare starts and I’m already ticked off. As a former dental assistant trust what they instruct you for home care. You will be happier in the long run.

  3. Oh Jan! I’m so sorry for your discomfort. I’m glad you had the “dream team.” And, I agree re: health insurance on teeth, eyes, etc…. I’m also sorry you missed doughnut day. I made a batch on Wednesday not even knowing about the designated celebration. But then, I consider myself “ahead” of the crowd – except for anything computer and fashion and and and … Keep healing, my friend. You’ll be rewarded with Steak, ribs and baked potato, sour cream, chives, whatever.

  4. I really get this – I have huge dental fear and have to be put under when having work down, like recently when I had 2 crowns taken off and replaced. It took 2 hours and I didn’t want to know any details. Second level of fear and pain with the balance that my insurance wouldn’t cover

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