Swirl’s Chewed Things: Hospitality

Hello. I am Swirl.

This mat came on our porch today out of nowhere.

Nobody gave me a heads-up. Just all of a sudden it was there, all prickly. Stiff. Fifty stabs. Inedible.

All I could do was kill it by making it into little pieces.

I know there are letters on the mat but I can’t read. I am just a dog.

I’m not sorry.

4 Comments on “Swirl’s Chewed Things: Hospitality

  1. Oh how I feel your pain. In seven short months, Luz has murdered three welcome mats, two hibiscus bushes, underpants, a lovely pine needle basket, another handmade basket I made, four floral arrangements, two pairs of prescription glasses, her brother’s bed, the cushion from her own bed, my favorite decorative pillow and most of the lawn, digging it up to devour cutter grubs. Oh, and a 200 pesos bill and two of my pictures of Forgottenman. This is a partial list.

  2. You sure did kill it good Swirl! Sorry Jan, but this one is pretty hilarious even for Swirl.

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