Kitchen Dog

Our schnitzel vanished

Wolfed away, swallowed whole, veal

Pounded, coated, fried

11 Comments on “Kitchen Dog

  1. Another reason to give up meat! My dogs were far more interested in the cookies left on the coffee table than a veggie stir fry or potato soup. I would say you can train them out of it but my sister had a dog who until he died, she had to lean chairs upside down against the kitchen counter as a guard rail against Bumpy stealing the bread and unpacking groceries was like a chess game for the two of them.

  2. Been there, experienced that. Six pork chops vanished from the pan as they cooked. More than one kitchen dog in this world…

    • Two frozen trout, still in their plastic wrap on the counter was too much of a temptation for my Husky when we had to leave the house hurriedly (for five minutes)… When we returned she was hiding under the coffee table, looking very ashamed and we had to resort to hot dogs for supper. No need to shame her – she already knew she had done a bad thing.

      • Our dog has no shame. He has a big entitlement thing going and always a look of complete innocence.

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