Swirl’s Chewed Things: Assortment

Hello. I am Swirl.

Yesterday, I chewed an oven mitt, a basting brush, and the attachment to the pet hair hand vac.

They were all left in my area. I am not at fault.

Random objects are disturbing. And it was very hot.

I also ate a corner of my bed because I didn’t like laying on all the hard chew toys the lady gave me.

Nobody gets mad anymore. Which is good.

5 Comments on “Swirl’s Chewed Things: Assortment

  1. Hello Swirl. We are Pumpkin, Savvy and Rusty. We all agree with you on this one – to lie on chewed stuff is so undignified. Wish we could arrange a play date because even though we don’t know you, we really, really like you. XXX XXX XXX

  2. Dear Swirl, we are Blueberry and Stella. We are abandoned cattle dogs from various locations around the desert southwest. We don’t chew things, but we have strong opinions about UPS trucks and baby carriages. Blueberry is obsessed with the “hose monster” and attacks it whenever our humans water the flowers. We think you rock.


    Stella and Blueberry

    • Swirl says hello to Blueberry and Stella and wants them to know he never barks unless he is dreaming. He also asks, is there nothing to chew in the southwest?

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