2022’s Word

My word for 2022 is cake

I considered pie but it was too pedestrian

Cake has layers and hidden fillings and majesty

Pie, well, pie is a cookie with fruit

My words for the year used to be verbs

Like succeed or accelerate, words about striving

Now, I strive to have cake

To have

and to eat, if it seems like the kind of day to do both

To have a surfeit of cake

To never want for cake

To have cake in my pockets and in the glove box of my car

I shall not want for cake this coming year

For there is all the cake stored up from the past

That I didn’t eat because I didn’t have the proper fork

All that has changed, I have forks laying all about

Waiting for cake, ready for cake


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

10 Comments on “2022’s Word

  1. Excellent word: life is for celebrating and all that. Sadly, my equivalent – chocolate éclair – doesn’t quite work.
    And, in fact, I love the idea of a word, but being chronically indecisive I’ve never yet managed to find The One.
    (Welcome to ADHD perfectionism.)

  2. Ha. Fun, fun. I have a poem about cake that you might appreciate, but instead of taking the time finding it, I’m going to have some of the mini-mini-cake I bought at the grocery store today. Your fault. Happy New Year.

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