Say It and Leave It Friday Round-Up

I probably should but I don’t agonize over my writing. I learned to write fast on a typewriter and as the assignments got bigger, the likelihood of revision diminished. It was hell using an eraser on onion skin paper or using the white paint with the tiny brush to wipe out words and replace them. Better just to go for broke. So that’s what I do. It’s a gift, being comfortable writing fast and not worrying overmuch about finding mistakes. Mistakes will find me.

The NaNoWriMo project is tremendous fun. I’m not a fiction writer and I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m writing a mystery and I haven’t really read any mysteries since Nancy Drew which is why, probably, the mystery I’m writing has a lot of plucky girl detective vibe. That I have a partner in creating the plot makes it even more fun as we debate about how bad a guy Jacob was or whether one of the Three Dorothys was his secret girlfriend. It’s a challenge to write and publish a chapter a day. Each has about three readers but that’s okay. I’ll get rich later.

I delivered 100 pillows to Street Angels today. The truck was crammed with pillows donated by some wonderful people. One of the pillows nearly flew out when I went over a bridge and, if it had, others would certainly have followed and there’d have been a trail of pillows to the south side. But all is well. Tonight, maybe, a homeless guy is sleeping on one.

Everybody in Wisconsin is upset about Aaron Rodgers lying about his vaccination status. The real upset is that people thought that because he is a great quarterback that he is also great person. It’s a mistake we often make with public figures – we conflate fame or skill with character. They are parallel things, sometimes intertwined but often not. He’s just a guy who throws a football a very long ways – he’s not our spiritual leader, folks. Thank God.

My husband bought two squabs for dinner tomorrow. He says the New York Times says they are the best bird you will ever eat if you cook them properly. We are to take the legs and breasts off the squabs and grill them. They look like doll food to me but it seems important to him so we will grill the tiny birds. This has reminded me to fill the bird feeders tomorrow.


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

4 Comments on “Say It and Leave It Friday Round-Up

  1. I have never been tempted to do that writing challenge. It does seem well suited to my dislike of revision however!

  2. I adore you. Agreed on your take on Rodgers. And I’m behind in reading your tale—hoping to catch up this weekend.

    Do you know about Kindle Vella (I think that’s the name for it, but it could be wrong.)? It would be a perfect vehicle for getting your mystery out there. An author publishes a chapter at a time and folks pay to read it. I haven’t figured out how it works but I know of several authors who are having great success with it.

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