100 Word Story: Stroke of Genius

“How bad is the headache? Is stuff blurry?”

“I don’t know. It keeps moving around – first it’s on one side and then the other.”

“Are you numb? Is anything numb?

“Words feel piled up in my throat.”

What does that mean, words piled up in her throat? How many words? What kind of words? If I slapped her hard on the back, would words fly out of her mouth on to the table?

“Are the words gone now? Can you swallow them or say them?”

She rubs her face with both hands, runs her fingers through her black hair.


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  1. Spectacular! I must confess that I simply cannot write 100 word stories, but I should be able to because I was a reporter. I waffle so I guess I will just have to stick to the waffle and not all the cream, bacon, berries, honey, syrup, chocolate spread …..

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