Extra Mayo Friday Round-Up

I want my epitaph to read “She showed up.” Fortunately, there won’t be room on the headstone to talk about lost keys and spilled coffee and long lists of wrongfully heard sentences or the myriad ways in which someone’s performance as a supportive person could be improved. Just carve this in the granite so years from now the cemetery moss can flower, illuminating the letters in that velvety green: She showed up.

Yesterday, I told a nurse, for what reason I can’t remember, that I had four children but only one baby. So all of the things about a newborn baby seem new to me although I experienced a lot of them once but long ago. That I didn’t fully appreciate those things at the time is a regret for me. You can’t go back though. Only forward.

My husband is googling hotels around Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. This is because we just watched a 11-part series of Alone: Tales of the Arctic in which ten contestants vied to be the person who makes it to 100 days in the Arctic wilderness. In winter. We would be going in summer and staying in a hotel but, other than that, we are one with the Alone contestants. It’s a spiritual thing.

I make a pretty good potato salad. It’s a Michigan thing. You can’t grow up in Michigan and not a) have an enduring love for potatoes in any and all forms; and b) know how to rustle up a potato salad that you could take to the band concert picnic and not be embarrassed. There are no pickles or raisins or greenery in my potato salad so stand back, fancy dancers.

Thank you, Joe Biden, for running out of patience. I have had it with worry. Worry that I’ll get sick, worry that I’ll make someone else sick. I have had it with being Responsible Sally – getting vaccinated, staying away from crowds, WEARING A MASK AROUND MY NEWBORN GRANDDAUGHTER, for Christ’s sake. I can’t even kiss her. My resentment of the people who refuse to be vaccinated now ‘knows no bounds’ as they say, nor is it likely to be short-lived.


Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash

5 Comments on “Extra Mayo Friday Round-Up

  1. I love potato salad and am keen to hear how you prepare it? Obviously I don’t have access to Michigan potatoes, but we do have Hellman’s mayo in South Africa. Hoping you will share the secret.

  2. I’m standing with you about being fed up with non-vaccinated and in my love of potato salad (but then, I’m from Michigan.) I do believe the most important thing that Biden achieved with that speech is he gave us permission to say we are fed up out loud. I remember when we shifted as a culture and country from using public shaming as a way to control behavior. I remember how we called for more freedom to be ourselves. Sometimes it seems like my long history of watching social mores change has made my thought processes very complex – sometimes leading to complexity. But on this issue there is no grey area – unless your doctor has told you it is dangerous for you to get vaccinated, just do it. I’m hearing too many stories of people who died because of other health problems because they couldn’t get the hospital care they needed – too many non-vaccinated people taking up beds because they have Covid. I have just realized that I need to call the local hospitals before we go to Florida for the winter to make sure they would have room for us if we develop heart problems or a stroke. Sorry to take up so much of your real estate, Jan. 😀

    • Also, Jan, I really enjoy opening up your blog and seeing your smiling face at the top right. It makes me smile.

  3. thank you for maintaining the integrity of the potato salad and not mucking it up with lots of color and stuff. i too, was thrilled to hear biden take a stand, and i hope the dems can continue in this vein, with all of the important initiatives that need to happen

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