Swirl’s Chewed Things: Indigestible Assets

Hello. I am Swirl.

I ate a dollar bill.

I didn’t know it was money. I thought it was green paper with a face on it. Like a drawing. Or a page from a book. I think. I’ve heard books have pages but I just eat them whole so I don’t really know.

I also ate another tennis ball and some electrical tape.

They weren’t all together on a plate or anything. I found them in different places. Sort of like a scavenger hunt.

The ball was in the yard under the back trees and the electrical tape was in my bed because the lady thought she could cover the hole with it so the stuffing wouldn’t come out but she was wrong. The money, I don’t know where I found that. It was just laying around.

The people left a dollar bill laying around. What did they think would happen?

I’m sorry and not sorry. I don’t mean to impoverish anyone by eating their money but, on the other paw, shouldn’t the people be more responsible about their assets? Not judging. Just an observation.

They could probably tape it together.

3 Comments on “Swirl’s Chewed Things: Indigestible Assets

  1. Tell your people to take it to the bank. Looks like there is enough there to be able to turn it in and get recompense.

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