Two-Sentence Friday Round-Up

Life gives you lemons and sometimes gives you babies. And it works out best if you don’t puzzle over it and just decide to be cool whatever happens.

Today was the day I ditched my patience with people who aren’t vaccinated. This includes strangers as well as people who’ve eaten many dinners at my table.

Last night, the battery died on my cochlear implant just as we were about to go to dinner at a noisy outdoor bar on the river. But I was cradled by family members who enunciated and gesticulated and protected me from the slings and arrows of not being able to hear.

My grandson handed me a pear that fell from a neighbor’s tree and claimed it was an apple. Part of me wanted to agree with him since last year their tree dropped apples in our yard but, indeed, it was a pear I held in my hand, green with shades of purple near the stem.

Swirl’s sister, Hallah, died yesterday, a day after their shared birthday. He seems the slightest bit melancholy although there is a chance he’s absorbing the sense of future loss that has enveloped us all day.

5 Comments on “Two-Sentence Friday Round-Up

  1. My deepest sympathy. I feel your loss.RIP Hallah. It just sort of takes the life out of the day after. Apples and pears, level playing fields? Don’t get me started on those who choose not to have the vaccination – I already have steam coming out my ears.

  2. This past week sounds a tad overwhelming for you, but I agree that sometimes it is best to just go with the flow. Take good care of yourself as you grieve the loss of Hallah.

    • It was a bit overwhelming – but very good overall. Hallah was Swirl’s litter mate, also a retired sled dog though she retired very early and then made a career doing school visits in Green Bay where she lived with her owner. We connected via social media but were never able to reunite the dogs. Still, very sad – hoping it’s not a harbinger of things to come since we are ridiculously attached to Swirl.

  3. Congrats on the baby. I ditched my patience with the unvaccinated last Tuesday. New batteries didn’t help the bubble machine my grandkids wanted to play with, so we bought another bubble machine. Hopefully, some ripe pears will fall soon. So sorry about Hallah.

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