Seven Things I Like About Now

My hair growing longer. Now when I go outside, my hair blows in the wind. It’s been years. To keep it from driving me crazy, I bought six headbands for $15. Wearing one with sunglasses makes me feel like a million bucks. Don’t ask me why.

Not spending $50 every five weeks for a haircut. When I could hear, it as worth it for the therapy. But now, having to put my various hearing devices on the table, it’s just a haircut. I might not get a haircut until there’s a vaccine. The idea of not spending money is enormously appealing to me, narcotic almost.

Having outdoor get togethers and meetings. Today’s League of Progressive Seniors steering group meeting was held under a tree next to the Milwaukee River. A lot of great social distancing, good discussion, and two wonderful dogs. Plus, one of our members brought boxes of ramps, dill, purslane, and daisies so we could each fill a bag – the old hippies get greens.

Strategizing about food acquisition. We haven’t been in a grocery store since mid-March. We patch together grocery delivery, fruit market curbside, and a community produce/meat box drive-thru. This requires an acute awareness of what we have, what we need, and what we want, a way of thinking that has seeped into other areas of life.

Adaptation. I am fascinated by people’s adaptations – from the window visits at nursing homes to Joe Biden’s virtual presidential campaign. When the 4th of July parade in which a 94-year old WWII veteran was to be parade marshal was canceled, a friend of mine flipped the parade and got kids to decorate their bikes and parade past his house.

The questioning of everything. Our values, our history, our regard for others, our health, our safety, our honesty, our government, all of it seems ‘through the looking-glass’ right now. What was true last year now sports an enormous nose and a six-foot top hat. It’s scary and exhilarating at the same time. I am oddly glad I got to live at this time, on this cliff of massive change.

Managing myself. I’ve never spent so much continuous time inside my own head. Because of this lengthy sojourn, I’ve realized that I probably possess the power to make myself sick from fear. Like sitting up in bed, I think I’m having a heart attack, fear. So I’ve had to learn to manage this unwelcomed super power lest I lose any semblance of a normal, productive life. It’s like working for weeks to develop a real set of biceps. I can do that heavy lifting now, without missing a beat.

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  1. I am liking much of what has organically developed over this time of the virus, with myself, as well as others and their innovative approaches to living life

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