Swirl’s Chewed Things: Jewels


I am Swirl.

Yesterday, I chewed jewelry. Well, I didn’t really chew it. I eschewed it actually.

Basically, I pulled on the dresser cloth really hard and then everything went flying. All those pictures. The bottles. The containers of the little things. All of it went everywhere.

It was horrifying.

I tried chewing a pin that was a V. For victory, I think, over what I’m not sure. But it poked me.

It was so upsetting that I found a shirt in a bag and I ate part of it. It was pink.

I didn’t eat any of the jewelry, as in swallowing any of it. Just some mouthing. That’s different.

Still, it was exhausting.

4 Comments on “Swirl’s Chewed Things: Jewels

  1. Why don’t they chew something you didn’t want anyways. Thanks to Juneau, I just replaced a pair of slippers. Thanks for making me smile when I read your post.

    • And…he keeps changing his targets. That’s the tricky thing about it all. It’s only about once a week but it’s usually something totally different and really wacky.

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