Staying at Home Friday Round-Up

We went to get gas today. It felt a little like Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in Gravity trying to fix their spaceship what with all the gloves and wipes and required synchronization. I think we did alright, we’ll know in 14 days.

“Stay at Home” orders are hard to enforce for people living under a bridge. The ‘oh, oops’ moment in pandemic management – if people are supposed to stay at home or stay in place, they have to have a home or a place. Bridges don’t count.

I made pancakes but they didn’t look like the picture in yesterday’s post

Pandemic Pancakes

It shouldn’t be so hard to vote. Milwaukee is trying everything to get people to vote absentee but it’s new so it’s pretty likely that many people will be deterred. An absentee ballot has to be requested, then completed, witnessed, and returned – all within the context of a pandemic. Why can’t this all be done online, on people’s phones? It could but a lot more people would vote – only the strongest fish get all the way upstream and many folks like it that way.

We’re going to be different when this is over. And it won’t be that we all find out how kind we are to our neighbors. We are. We have been. That’s not what will be different. Something is trying to kill us and if we survive that threat, we are always going to be watching for its return. And I’m not just talking about Covid-19.








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  1. we will be forever changed. best of luck with the vote, more important than ever now. i voted early absentee by mail here in michigan, but the phone option would be so helpful for so many

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