Oh My! Friday Round-Up

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I listened to myself on the radio today. And, to be honest, it made me tear up a little bit. I’m just a little elf of a writer so reading an essay on our local public radio station is a big deal. I will post the essay and the link to the audio tomorrow.

This time in my life is delicious. It may not stay that way but neither does pie stay on the plate. Not a good pie, anyway.

The Russians are interfering in our elections. Right now. This minute. This is kind of like admitting your kids have lice. It’s awful and it’s embarrassing but it’s real. Go buy the lice poison and find the little comb and do your job, I say to Republicans who used to be straighter than straight. My Republican dad is spinning in his grave so fast the sparks are flying at Riverside Cemetery.

I love Goodwill. I love standing at a rack of sweaters that are arranged by color and flipping through them to find the perfect one and it’s $5.99. I love that the people working at Goodwill have Goodwill as a place to work. I’m a fan of recycling – sweaters and people.

Tomorrow, I am going to the funeral of a man I never met. I don’t want to or not want to. It isn’t a question. I am obligated.

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  1. “This time in my life is delicious.” Yes and yes and yes. Have you read “The Fountain of Age” by Betty Friedan? A massive tome that doubles as a biceps workout, it is worth the read (although I’m only 100 pages in of the 638) and it is light on feminism but heavy on “age positivity” (my quotes, not hers). Lots of evidence about how deterioration is NOT a normal part of the aging brain and in fact our brains remain plastic and adaptable well into late life. So, enjoy the pie, Jan.

    • I haven’t heard of the book but maybe I should go find it. It is surprising to be this old and think it’s delicious. I really had no idea. 🙂

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