Friday Round-Up: DC Dash

The trick about road trips, especially short ones, is to know where you will end up for the night but not really care how you get there.

Take today’s little jaunt, for instance.

We started at a lovely hotel in downtown Washington, a stone’s throw from the White House which, if I might say, is looking a little tawdry lately, somehow lacking the majesty and cheer I remember from my visit two years ago. Anyway, the doorman told us it would take twenty minutes to fetch our F150 from wherever they decided to stow it, it being too big for the hotel parking lot. For a while, they parked it in the circle drive of the hotel, sort of like a commercial for an elegant car. Anyway, we waited.


We set out to find a crab shack for lunch. To find a crab shack, one must be near the ocean so we aimed for Rehoboth Beach, a couple of hours ago. Rehoboth is beautiful and cheesy at the same time. It’s saltwater taffy.


And saltwater.


We walked the beach for a good while where we found a lot of horseshoe crab shells and one beautiful scalloped shell which I put in my pocket, part of me thinking I ought to leave it being lovely and pink in the sand.

We left then to find the crab shack. A perfect one popped up on the right side of the highway but we passed it going too fast and, because of our no backtrack policy, we kept going but didn’t see a single other crab shack. Searching, we left the highway and drove east again on a two-lane road to Slaughter Beach where we came upon this perfect church and graveyard. I walked around the church to get just the right picture, heard a dog barking, and ran to the truck, hoisting myself up just in time to avoid being bitten by the big dog across the street behind a fence.


We gave up on the crab shack and decided to high tail it for Philadelphia, our destination for the night, where we went to Tony and Joe’s Pizzeria in Conshohocken and I ate my first ever Philly cheese steak, fulfilling a lifelong goal, and making me forget the current dinginess of our nation’s capitol. It was pretty darn warm and cozy at Tony and Joe’s.


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  1. I have stayed at that hotel. Great location, but a little aged. and close to Old Everett’s or what ever the name of that place is.

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