Seven Women

Seven women came looking for news

Stood at the door with their empty bags

The news they had was wrinkled and old

They wanted new cuts, slices of life

No! No! Don’t make news just for us

Don’t go to any trouble, don’t fuss

Just give us what is in your hands

What you feel with your sore fingers

Parcel it out evenly, be fair to us

Fill our bags so we aren’t empty


Photo by Guus Baggermans on Unsplash

4 Comments on “Seven Women

  1. I like the imagery of the wrinkled, old news. It surprised me. The wording of your poem had me on their side right away. I wanted to give them what they wanted. The POV shift at the fifth line threw me a little. It made me wonder about the reason for the turn when writing the entire poem from the women’s POV would work well IMO.

    • I guess I was thinking of them speaking at the fifth line, saying No, No …. to the person answering the door. I was trying to get at the propensity to go looking for the bad news of others. Perhaps it played out clearer in my head than on paper. 🙂 Thanks for point out that it didn’t quite work.

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