Minnie and BowWow Discuss Sadness

BowWow: There’s been a lot of death talk talk around here lately. It’s a downer, man.

Minnie: I know what you mean. It seems like everything is downhill from here.

BowWow: Way to cheer me up, Minnie.

Minnie: Sometimes you can’t get cheered up, BowWow. Sometimes, you just have to be bummed out for a while.

BowWow: That’s stupid. Fuck that. Let’s do something.

Minnie: Okay. Activities are good, something to keep us engaged in positive things during this time of sadness.

BowWow: Oh brother.Where do you get this stupid shit?

Minnie: I listen to the lady typing when she’s giving advice to people who are sad.

BowWow: You LISTEN TO THE LADY TYPING? What the fuck? Are you telling me you can tell what she’s writing by hearing her typing? That’s some creepy shit, Minnie.

Minnie: I’m just very attuned to her. Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, BowWow. Some of us operate on a higher plane.

BowWow: I hate planes. I’m never gonna get in a plane. They make you go in a box if you’re a dog. Fuck that. I’ll just stay home.

Minnie: Not that kind of plane, BowWow. A plane of being, a different level of consciousness. I’m just more evolved, I’m sorry to say, than some dogs are. Like you, for instance. I’m more spiritually evolved than you.

BowWow: Oh. Well. LA-DEE-DAH.

Minnie: Would you like it if we went down the stairs and looked for that big bone I had yesterday? That might be nice.

BowWow: Okay. But if we find it you have to let me pretend to chew it first even though it’s too big for me. Even if things are fucked up and sad, we gotta keep with the same things, right?

Minnie: Sure, BowWow. We just keep doing what we do.


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  2. Having spent some quality time with BowWow & Minnie, I can attest that these two are not your “plain” ordinary dogs but astute philosophers of our times as is the lady typing.

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