My Little Book

So this morning I knocked on the shower curtain so my husband would peek out and tell me if I looked okay. Heading to a day of big meetings, I wanted a good, “Wow, you look really sharp!” from him. I got this: “You look cute. Very authoritative.”

He’s good at this. Is this a left-handed compliment? A mixed message? Is it possible to look cute and authoritative? Dorothy Hamill was cute. But she lacked authority. I don’t know. It’s been a long day and my neck aches.

“Your book can be read in one sitting,” he said to me yesterday. “The cover looks like a bin of mushrooms at Whole Foods.”

You need to tell me what I want to hear, mister. You need to tell me that it’s a great first effort, that it looks terrific and will sell a million copies. He just looked at me until I remembered we have this little pact not to lie to each other.

“But do you at least like it?” I asked. “Sure,” he said.

“Well, so what do you like about it?” I asked, trying to get the tiniest drop of blood out of my rock.

“That it’s yours.”

Available on CreateSpace today and Amazon in a few days: Mother Mining, a compilation of essays about having a mother, being a mother, and watching a grown child become a mother.

7 Comments on “My Little Book

  1. I love this! Hard to reconcile wanting the truth and also wanting only the good stuff, isn’t it? I think at heart we just want the truth and the good stuff to be one and the same, all the time!
    ~ Linne

  2. At least he tells you the truth! My boyfriend only tells me what he thinks I wanna hear and that means I’m never fat, I never look ugly, the pants are never too tight, and so on! Haha

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