3 Word Throw-Down

The Trifecta folks may have outdone themselves on the brevity front with this challenge: A New Year’s resolution in three words.  Here’s mine:

Accelerate through curves.



32 Comments on “3 Word Throw-Down

  1. Well first of all i’d like to say..

    You have a kind smile and eyes..that is the greatest attribute of any human i see..

    So duly impressed..other that that…It is so fun to accelerate through the curves life throws us..rather than stopping short of the goals and or destiny not met….

    And i guess maybe this is my midlife crisis or perhaps just the natural state of re ….tiring…

    CAuse i’ve been wanting to burn the rubber off my tires..recently here when the dead bird i was…
    becomes a phoenix…as am…so happy 2014 to ya..2….and smiles….

  2. I love accelerating through curves when I drive. What a good motto to apply toward life. Good for you to have that “take charge” attitude whenever life throws you a curve. Happy New Year in 2014 and all the best when it comes to careening down Life’s highway. 🙂

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  4. Sounds like your 2014 is going to be a fun ride.
    Happy New Year

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