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Do women fall in love with their sons? Oh yes.

Unconsciously following the moves of the world’s most ancient playbook, boy moms try to hide it but they can’t. They love their boys, not more than their girls, but in a way that is more adoring, unquestioning, and even indulgent. Nobody, not even the moms themselves, sees this unless they have girl children as well.

As kids grow up, the boy children see their mom’s adoration as a birthright. The girl children see their mom’s adoring looks at their brothers and label it favoritism. Mom denies everything. Of course, she loves everybody the same.

Oh, sure.

It can take decades to see it – how a mother loves each of her children very differently. Beyond the complex set of feelings moms have for their sons, there is the simple chemistry of a shared sense of humor or similar outlooks on life. There can be personality conflicts between moms and their kids that have nothing to do with how much one loves the other. People aren’t magically well-suited to each other – whether they’re biologically related or brought together by adoption.

Besides, the way it’s supposed to work? If there’s Mommy’s Little Man, there probably needs to be Daddy’s Little Girl (which sounds a lot better than Daddy’s Little Woman and begs the question of why it’s not Mommy’s Little Boy, oh well).

Each parent gets to be nutty about their kids in a different way. That they’re nutty about them is the point, right?

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  1. So right! The thing is, I never thought of them as “little” especially now!!!

    • If you have two boys, you really ‘get’ it! Thanks for following – I will do my best to make it worth your while. 🙂

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