Tag: Thunderbird

My Car is Dying

“He didn’t hold out a lot of hope.” This was my husband’s summary of our mechanic’s reaction to my 17-year-old Thunderbird limping into his lot this afternoon. “Either it’s leaking coolant or the engine’s eating it. And he says he couldn’t find a leak… Continue Reading “My Car is Dying”

My Mother’s Thunderbird

My mother drove a 1962 black Thunderbird with red leather interior. It looked like this. The car magically appeared after what seemed like years of scraping by, all of us working in our family’s dime store, eating a lot of bean soup and 29… Continue Reading “My Mother’s Thunderbird”

Hot Rod Lincoln

3 of 18 Cars these days are so pedestrian. Every SUV is silver. The little interchangeable boxy gas-saving cars are always energy efficient colors like white. Cars have no fins, finish, or flair. There’s no reason to wax a car anymore. If it shines,… Continue Reading “Hot Rod Lincoln”

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