Tag: living with a disability

The Price I Paid

It hit me square in the face during lunch with a colleague. I’d given up so much to my hearing disability. Backed away from projects, steered clear of complex meetings, claimed I was too busy to work with anyone new. “I’m sorry but I’m not… Continue Reading “The Price I Paid”

Big Life Small Life

By the time I got my cochlear implant late last fall, my professional and social life had become a shadow of its former self. Severe hearing loss so constricted my communication that I could only relax when I was alone. After all, I could… Continue Reading “Big Life Small Life”

Today at the Beach


I wasn’t prepared for this. No one told me how to take my personality, my intelligence, my accomplishments, my ambition, my ego and put them all behind a gauzy thick wall that mutes most voices and distorts the sounds of everyday life. The siren… Continue Reading “Blindsided”

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