What I Know

Daily writing prompt
What would your life be like without music?

I know a lot about this
More than the average person
Because the average person can hear music and can only imagine what it would be like not to
Me? I mostly hear music in my head

There are records in my head
They’re the ones I played over and over
While I smoked cigarettes and looked out the window
Waiting for something to happen, a good surprise or something bad

I hear songs on the car radio
See the title on the car’s dash
The music hijacked by dead nerves in my cochlea
Held for ransom too high to pay so I play my own records instead

Nothing changes in my music library
Every thing is from when I was sad or scared or had too much to drink
I am stuck in that place, the music that rocks me
Feels dangerous and deep, risky, but mine, a lover’s arm around my shoulder driving down the darkest road

3 Comments on “What I Know

  1. Again – Beautiful and honest, Jan. Sometimes the spoken word is just BLATHERSKITE –
    – a new word I just READ [didn’t hear] and learned it means “foolish talk; nonsense. I have never HEARD or READ nonsense from you.

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