Change Makers

Daily writing prompt
What’s something most people don’t understand?

That they’re not that far from their lives collapsing

That one thing can put them in the ditch. It could be a flat tire on the freeway, a tree branch that’s been waiting to break hit suddenly by the right wind, a virus snaking around the alley, a burly man moved to anger defending his mean dog, carpeted stairs that turn slippery, bones breaking out loud, clattering.

It is useless to be righteous. To claim superiority because of one’s good intentions, one’s resume crammed with achievement and recognition. Happenstance doesn’t care if you have medals on your chest or plaques on your wall. A person can’t earn their way out of being struck by lightening.

So, that’s something most people don’t understand. Life can turn on a dime.


Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

2 Comments on “Change Makers

  1. you are so right, and I know this to be true personally. sometimes I got through with a combo of luck and circumstance and things could easily have gone the other way.

  2. You speak truth! Life just is. We are never in control. We are just lucky when it goes smoothing, but that’s always temporary. There’s always somthing waiting for us, yet unseen.

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