Swirl’s Chewed Things: Nerves

Hello. I am Swirl.

There was a prediction of light rain by a forecaster in Iowa which caused me great concern. The light rain could come to Wisconsin any time and so, for that reason, I began to pace.

Then, the man’s iPad lit up which, if you know iPads, looks a lot like lightening. Lightening is very scary, so I had to jump on the bed. But I didn’t want to sleep on the bed with the people, I just wanted to express myself.

I returned to pacing.

I have a route. I go into the hallway and then back and then into the bathroom and then around the bed to where the girl person is and then I look at her and she puts her hand up and says NO! and then I either put my paws on the bed anyway or turn around and keep pacing, a lot depends on eye contact.

They try to drug me, but it doesn’t work. I put the pill under my tongue like Jack Nicholson in Cuckoo’s Nest and spit it out, except sometimes I swallow it. But it doesn’t matter because once the iPad starts exploding and there are raindrops anywhere, I become, as the people say, out of control.

The cat that lives here tries to help me. He holds space for me, as he says, something he learned at the cat rescue place. A lot of distressed cats there.

This picture was taken at 4 in the morning.

After that, I kept pacing. In the morning, I went to sleep.

The people should paint their radiator.

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  1. OMG Jan, I am laughing so hard at this post right now! The pill under the tongue set me off… Poor Swirl.

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