The Randomness of the Ideal Day

I went downstairs to get the dust mop for under the bed and came back with a glass of wine and half a sandwich left over from lunch. I remembered the mop when I saw the bed from the top of the stairs but by then I’d moved on.

I already did a lot of cleaning in our bedroom, vacuumed, dusted, and, get this, repaired the lamp shade!

The edging on the expensive lampshades from my beloved mother-in-law’s house had detached and was hanging in a big loop, has been for weeks. I pondered it last night during the long two hours I was awake looking out the window, waiting for sunrise, thinking gee, I’ve really slept a long time and I want it to be daylight so I can have coffee and read the paper and plot my day.

I’d decided then in the dark that today I would buy new lampshades. I would have to do this online because the lighting place we go to is a bizarrely cramped and crammed place with thousands of lamps and lampshades and various oddities like life-size Elvis statues and gorillas playing jukeboxes and I knew Covid would be dripping from the ceiling fans. This made the remarkable deals we might realize there less attractive.

But then this morning, it hit me! I could fix the lampshade! I could be like my mom. Resourceful. Handy. Cheap.

Is that what you did today, Jan? Fix a lampshade and vacuum your bedroom?

No. I did a lot of other socially acceptable things. I had a meeting. I sent emails. I was outside for a good while, hiking with my dogs and I have the long underwear on to prove it. Also, mukluks. Because I love winter. I also considered how to fix a short story I wrote a while ago, called Snow Door, and considered finally taking a riding lesson from my friend who operates Stepping Stone Farms, a horse rescue/therapeutic riding stable. This last idea I’ve picked up and put down 10,000 times including last night when I wasn’t thinking about the loop hanging from the lampshade.

So, to answer the question about what my idea day looks like. This. This would pretty much be it.


Written in response to the #bloguanuary prompt: What does your ideal day look like?

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