Christmas Greetings!

Christmas 2021, Caledonia, WI

I’m wearing all three of my Christmas presents – an amazingly thick hooded sweater made with llama wool, leather mukluks from Canada, and Nordic socks. I know already that I want to be buried in the sweater.

The boots are beautiful and very warm. The soles have a special design so if I am lost somewhere where it is very muddy, they will be able to find me.

I used to wear black dress pants with heels. I had two pairs of high-heel, knee-high boots – brown and black. I wore white shirts with high collars that looked like someone had soaked them in starch overnight and ironed them on the linen setting. I also wore bras with wires. It was a glorious time.

Thank God it’s over.

Now I wear a giant sweater with a moose motif and I’m in heaven. The dogs have run ahead. My husband says “stop for a minute” so I do and it’s because he wants to take a picture. I am not photogenic, but my gear is.

What a fine, sunny Christmas walk we had. What an all-around fine day. Christmases haven’t always been so mellow and easy, but this one was.

I hope your Christmas Day was one that took care of you and protected you from the rough stuff all around us. And if it wasn’t, if it was a tough day, don’t worry. We get to start over tomorrow.

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  1. Great pic, but makes me feel hot, sweaty and itchy – our Dec 25th was 30 deg C , so it was a light cotton dress and sandals for me. Enjoy your winter gear.

  2. And I, my dear, am sitting here resplendent in a pair of Christmas socks emblazoned with reindeer tracks. They were my choice of three pairs–the other two with either santa clauses or a scene from The Nutcracker. Here’s to another year of blogging camaraderie! xooxox

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