76 Days

This is how I am feeling about the election.

Like my tail is going to be lit on fire any minute.

76 days. That’s how long we’ve got.

When my ballot comes in the mail, I’m going to put it in the safe.

When it’s time, I’ll take it downtown in an armored truck.

I’ll carry it with two hands like it is a brick of gold.

And watch the officials put it in the vault.

This is how I am feeling about the election.



Photo credit: Maria Teneva

5 Comments on “76 Days

  1. We need Joe Biden…to protect our democracy, our environment, our air & water, our children’s health and ours, their education, jobs…really everything that we cherish like ethics, honesty, the right to vote. Each vote counts.

  2. I am too terrified to even be cheered by the optimism of the DNC convention. I love the idea of carrying the ballot in hand to my town clerk. Great idea except the Town Hall is closed!

  3. me too, but we will make it. last night, watching the convention, i was reminded of that

    • Barak Obama gave us something to remember last night – 76 days and counting!

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