Pandemic Saturday Blessing

In other news, we have red chairs on our porch.

And thirty packets of seeds on the kitchen counter.

The chairs took us three hours to put together. There were actually only eight screws for each chair but the spatial analysis challenge was epic. At one point, one of the chairs under construction got entangled in one of our kitchen bar stools. This would be a feat impossible to replicate and there is no photograph because it would make us look like idiots.

But there they are, on the front porch, red chairs in all their glory. Aren’t they the best thing ever?

And the seeds. I’ve written before about how spring lures me into thinking I’m a gardener and then failure sprouts up everywhere, choking off every possibility of crops, and the season ends with, maybe, six green beans. But it’s a pandemic so I fell for it again, this time ordering a seed package – cheap but plentiful – which, of course, meant I didn’t have to make any decisions, I could just indulge my stupid hope.

So that’s my deal. It’s Saturday, Pandemic 2020, and I have red chairs and a lot of seeds.

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