Listen Up

Telling the story of hearing loss is tough. It’s a disability thing. An old person’s thing. “Normal” people can find it hard to understand the impact of hearing loss on identity, self-worth, and, probably most important, relationships.

Several years ago I wrote an essay about an encounter – or lack of an encounter – with a young family at the audiologist’s office. A few weeks ago, I recorded the essay for the morning show of our local public radio station, WUWM, and it was aired yesterday.

Both the text of the essay and the link to the audio version are at this link: Wordless.

I’d love to hear what you think.

8 Comments on “Listen Up

  1. Wow.

    As you may remember, we share the hearing loss struggle. This essay sums it up exactly. This line especially: “I think about talking to her but I know she might say things that are important that I won’t hear.”

    And so you don’t even try after a while, You gather into yourself more and more, which is the subject of another one of your fine pieces.

    Thank you for this, Jsn.

  2. Jan, that’s a lovely poignant piece of writing, a wonderfully touching essay to hear read out aloud. And I have to say your voice sounds just like I imagined it, soft but strong 🙂

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