We All Boo Sometimes

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I try not to judge people on their reflexes.

For example, it seems to me that it was probably Representative Rashida Tlaib’s reflex to boo Hillary Clinton at a recent Sanders rally. I doubt that she’d planned on booing, the boo just erupted out of her, probably before she was even conscious of it. It wasn’t a choice, it was a reflex.

So, of course, Representative Tlaib was criticized for booing and, in a move refreshing for the times we are in, she apologized, vowing to do better in the future. But, of course, the offense can’t be put to rest so easily.

The Clinton supporters must get wildly offended. Because they are White, they must catch the wrath of Black women. If one of us is offended, then we must all be offended. Soon, it is as if Representative Tlaib went to the rally with the expressed purpose of booing whenever Hillary Clinton’s name was mentioned. And, conversely, it is the height of presumption to criticize her for booing. Who are White women to criticize a Black woman who boos? It’s insane.

People, even United States Congresswomen, have interior lives. Their brains are jammed packed with thoughts – some are prepared remarks and others are the scrambled eggs of our intellectual existence. Each of us walks around with bits and pieces of ideas and phrases, profanity, childhood memories, failed recipes, old boyfriends, disgust, bias, anger, and surprising pots of love and endearment. In Representative Tlaib’s brain stew, I suspect, was a deep visceral dislike of Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t logical, politically astute, or even marginally kind, it was visceral, reflexive.

I get this. A lot of the time, my brain’s a mess. There’s so much crazy shit in there that sometimes I ought not go out in public. Because, you know, just like the dear representative, I could have a reflex reaction to a person or a situation that is, and this is one of my all-time favorite/not favorite phrases, completely inappropriate.

So, even though I was a big Hillary Clinton supporter, I understand a lot of people don’t like her and many blame her for the nightmare that is President Trump. It’s an anger that might not be perfectly reasoned but comes out of a powerful place of wanting what’s best for our country. So I get the frustration that erupts in booing. Surprisingly, I’m fine with Representative Tlaib booing my candidate.

I’m even more fine with her apology. Onward, we go.

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