2017: Hide or Not

This year will wear on us, wear us hard

Flat tires and insults, hard edges on every surface

Trouble and anger, static on the car radio

Traffic backed up, sirens racing along the shoulder


Home will be precious, lights and locked doors

Television dark, drapes drawn, only open books

Blankets and candles, cell phone lights shining

Best friends visiting, passwords uttered at the door


Crowds will gather, buzz alerts, point to a faraway light

Cardboard signs, candles held in gloved hands, heavy boots

Singing, small and loud, swelling rightness, exhorting

Choices, safe or brave, alone or linked, hide or not





One Comment on “2017: Hide or Not

  1. very scary Jan…And it’s already started! My internet’s not working and yesterday my printer glitched…Hope it’s just a fluke…

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