News Flash for Mr. Trump

Anybody who is surprised and indignant today because Donald Trump was caught on tape talking about grabbing somebody’s pussy is a queen-size fool.

What did y’all think? That he was blustery and offensive in public but polite and respectful in private? That he was just saying that crude stuff about women to giant audiences to get a rise out of them? That it was just for fun? For entertainment?

This shit is real, folks. Donald Trump doesn’t even remotely consider women as equal. Oh, he’s got a bit of exceptionalism going with his very smart and apparently very attractive (to him) daughter, Ivanka. She might be considered his equal. But she’s clearly, in his view, an exceptional person, not like other women. Not like us.

We’re either pussy or we’re not. Very simple dichotomy for Mr. Trump. Worth grabbing or not worth grabbing.

His sexism isn’t just a foible, an unpleasant artifact of his generation, a function of his (newly found) conservatism. It isn’t something he thinks about, nothing that he ponders; he doesn’t consider the pros and cons of the notion of women being equal. They just aren’t equal in his view and they never will be. His extreme sexism might not be genetic but, at this point, it’s written into every cell in his body.

The guy has no use for women except for the parts he can grab.

It’s unbelievable, I guess. Which is why people seem to be flapping their arms in alarm and disbelief. Oh my God! He was talking about pussy with Billy Bush on a bus! What astonishing news!

Ah, maybe. But here’s news we should all remember, especially the darling Mr. Trump.

Pussy votes.

11 Comments on “News Flash for Mr. Trump

  1. I agree. The guy’s political debut was about birtherism, which is inherently a soft racist position. He has demonstrated consistent misogyny, xenophobia, and other repulsive behavior. The video just highlighted what should have already been known. In my opinion, we are getting a lesson from a high-functioning sociopath (or other severe personality disorder). If you want to know more about this opinion, please see my post. B. Ashley

  2. I’m still stuck on the fact that a guy who said his daughter was hot and he would date her if they weren’t related is on the TICKET FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. What is wrong with us?!

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  4. For the sake of emancipation, human equality, and world peace; I hope Americans make the correct choice. 😕😯

  5. I wasn’t shocked. The most shocking thing for me is that he managed to stay competitive in the race for so long. I hope this may finally be the end of his political career.

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