Curfew in Milwaukee

Tell the kids to come home

It’s dark out there

There are cars driving fast

And people with guns

Tell the kids to come home

Sit still on the couch

Listen for the army

And hold their breath

Tell the kids to come home

Put on their pajamas

Draw pictures with markers

And pretend they are small

Tell the kids to come home

Remind them what happened

Say the whole long story

And give them hope

3 Comments on “Curfew in Milwaukee

  1. This is so far from my memories of “be home before the streetlight come on” it is terrifying. The madman in the WH seems intent on destroying us all and enjoying it.

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    This was written during the 2016 Milwaukee curfew after a police shooting – not much has changed in four years.

  3. In times like these I can understand why people would want to go inward, especially since that’s exactly what the curfew enforces. I was moved by the idea of so many people explaining to their children why the curfew was put in place. The idea that open dialogues may be happening gives me hope.

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