Q and A with a Previously Embarrassed Person


Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

A: Well, there are several. One that comes to mind is having the back of my wraparound denim skirt fall in the toilet, unbeknownst to me but later apparent to all my coworkers. This is one that’s stuck with me for 40 years. So it was bad.

Q: I was really looking for something with more substance, something more meaningful.

A: I have a couple other skirt stories, one involving staples.

Q: Do you possibly have something that’s not skirt-related?

A: I ran a whole meeting once and didn’t notice until afterward that my shirt buttons had come undone. “You should really wear a camisole.” Somebody actually said that to me. I was mortified.

Q: Why is everything with you about clothes?

A: Okay. Sorry. How about this one. I once got impatient with a group of mental health providers and consumers and blurted out, “If we don’t settle this soon, we’ll ALL go crazy.”

Q: Oh. That’s bad. That’s really bad.

A: I often say the wrong thing. But usually it’s just to another person, not a whole group. Oh wait! I have another one.

Q: Go ahead. Although it would be hard to top the “we’ll ALL go crazy” one.

A: I once mistakenly kissed a politician’s neck.

Q: Come again?

A: Well, I was aiming for his cheek but ended up kissing his neck. There was a hug involved so it kind of went on a little too long. Plus it was at our kids’ basketball game so it really seemed out of place.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share on this topic or will it get too racy?

A: No, that’s the end of the story. The kiss on the neck and then ball playing.

Q: That’s pretty funny.

A: What?

Q: Never mind. Well, say, I’ve enjoyed our little talk, all your cute sharing. It’s been precious.


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