Q & A with a Pissed Off Lady

Q: What’s your deal? Why are you so pissed off?

A: Politics.

Q: Politics? Want to be anymore specific?

A: Sure. The incredible proliferation of assholes. Like mildew on a wet shirt left on the basement floor. Every time you turn around, there’s another little dot. Like fucking cancer.

Q: You seem pretty irritated.

A: Is that a therapeutic thing you learned somewhere? Actually, what you’re supposed to say, or at least what I was taught was, “what I hear you saying is that you feel there is a proliferation of assholes.” If you’re going to placate me, at least do it by the book.

Q: Okay. I apologize for that.

A. Great. A quick apology is always appreciated. But it would be better if you could bleed on the page a little bit, confess to using drugs or having a blackout, jazz it up a little bit. You can’t just make a mistake and say you’re sorry. No go, Mr. Blow.

Q: You are really touchy. What’s the biggest thing bothering you, realizing that there seems to be a pretty long list.

A: Truth?

Q: Truth.

A: That no one is calling Donald Trump a fucking madman.

Q: And who should be doing that?

A: Seriously? Everyone.

Q: Everyone?

A: Yes. The other Republican candidates are talking about him like he belched at the dining room table. Oh dear. Trump’s created an environment where everyone thinks it’s okay to belch at the dining room table. He’s a fucking madman. People need to start saying that.

Q: I think the other candidates might be trying to hedge their bets.

A: Really? That’s your analysis? Here’s my analysis. They’re idiots.

Q: What do you think that Cruz and Rubio and Kasich should do?

A: Go apeshit. Try to get Trump charged with disturbing the peace. Sue the networks for equal time. Turn their backs on him at the next debate or group photo op. Accuse him of consorting with sheep. I don’t care. No, that’s not right. I do care. They need to be madder.

Q: You’re pretty steamed. Are you going to be able to sleep tonight?

A: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll count Trump’s sheep.


13 Comments on “Q & A with a Pissed Off Lady

  1. Well, counting all those Trump sheep is akin to leading slumber to slaughter, which is pretty much the feel of the fix in which we find ourselves. The lack of a collective wake-up call about the danger of this “huge” lunatic has me apoplectic, embracing the hyperbolic, and salting comments, if not yet post, with dumbing the depth Delphic warnings of crypto-fascism.

    But you managed to All-American muster, with the mustard up of calling the Hotdog just what he is….A Madman.

    Well done.


    ( a tech note…and of course it could stem from my end. Your drop down menus…the child links, like politics are taking me just back to the top heading, is politics in the menu…a tag, or a category?… wordpress shop talk wow….just letting you know.

    and great site

    • Thanks for telling me about the drop down menus. I’ve been thinking they weren’t working right. I think I’m not categorizing stuff right.

    • Hi again — Wow, it took me a couple of hours trying to figure out the menu thing. Just wanted to thank you again for pointing it out. I think it’s working now. 🙂

      • Yep, at least it works for me.

        Menu making, and category sorting often handcuffs me. I guess the rule of thumb is Category is broad, tags allow for a drilling down, and power where you appear in the “Reader,” if posting at WordPress .com Tag and Category clouds can help the reader navigate as well as custom menus….but for the most part, posting at wordpress.com is just that…post driven.

        But, and I know this may be too much info after working a fix for hours, some templates allow customizing category pages which can really move the feel of a blog to one of a site.

        But you’ve got nothing to fret about here, this is a wonderful site and you’re a fine writer. Looking forward to reading much more.

        Stay well,


  2. You are, again, BANG on! I don’t understand why everyone is dancing around him like he’s a piece of crystal. He is INSANE. If any family member acted like he does, he’d be disowned. Shunned. Given the gate. I just don’t understand why people continue to support someone who is openly contemptuous of EVERYONE. If he was a protester, he’d be in jail for disturbing the peace, for inciting violence. Argh. I fear. I really fear.

  3. This could be the conversation at my house. My husband doesn’t get it. I just get worked up.

    • Yeah. I’m really around the bend on this one. This election season has been intense, more so than any in my lifetime and that’s saying something. LOL

      • What is the quote about living in interesting times? These might be too interesting for my taste.

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