Minnie and BowWow Talk about Sarah Palin

Minnie and BowWow Office

BowWow: Jesus H. I saw Miss Alaska Redux go apeshit over Donald Trump. It hurt my fucking ears.

Minnie: I thought you were going to be a better dog and stop swearing so much.

BowWow: Yeah, fuck. New Year’s resolution. Who the fuck cares? That was 20 days ago. I said that before I knew The Sarah would be on the same stage as The Donald. What a pair. Flaming Asshole meets World’s Dimmest Wit.

Minnie: Well, you know, she was the Governor of her state. You should show her more respect, BowWow. Elected officials deserve our respect.

BowWow: Oh. You mean like Governor Snyder in Michigan? Motherfucker poisons the little kiddos in Flint, people are taking baths in that brown shit. That’s bad enough. But nobody even talks about the dogs. What the fuck do you think is happening with the Dogs of Flint? Jesus H.

Minnie: You said that.

BowWow: What?

Minnie: Jesus H. You said that.

BowWow: So the fuck what? There’s a rule now that I can’t repeat myself? Fuck that. Jesus H. Jesus H. Jesus H. Jesus H. Jesus H.

Minnie: Never mind. I saw that Cher sent four truckloads of water to Flint. I love Cher.

BowWow: Of course, you would love Cher. I could be blind and deaf and living in a cave in Mongolia and know you would love Cher. But, yeah, it is cool that she sent water.

Minnie: You have to wonder why big stars like Cher have to send water to people in Michigan. Isn’t that something they should just have? You know, because they live there?

BowWow: No fucking shit, Minnie. Now you’re getting it. Get up! Stand up! Stand up for your rights! Do it! Come on, Minnie.  Don’t be such a puppy.

Minnie: I’m trying, BowWow. I’m trying.


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  1. New neighbors just moved in upstairs…from Michigan. Guess they were thirsty. ( I’m at the beach in Mexico. Ironic, no????) They say don’t drink the water here!!!!

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