Minnie and BowWow Talk about the Stock Market


BowWow:  It’s a crock that she leaves us out here while she goes and makes coffee.

Minnie:  Oh, come on. It’s just the morning routine. We have to do our business, you know.

BowWow:  You have to do your business, Minnie. I can just hold it.

Minnie:  Yes. I’ve noticed that you’ve become the “Big Withholder.” That must be why she comes out here and stands in the yard until you finally pee. Don’t you find that a little embarrassing? Needing supervision like that?

BowWow:  I don’t get embarrassed.

Minnie:  Apparently.

BowWow:  On another note, I see that their investments are turning to shit. Did you see the market report this morning?

Minnie:  No. I was seeing to my responsibilities. You know, doing my business in the yard, and having a nice breakfast. Why would I watch the market report?

BowWow: Well, maybe because we could end up eating kibble from the Dollar Store. There’s a lot at stake here, Minnie. They do well, we do well. They take a dive, we become excess baggage in the trip of life, if you get my drift. They’ll ditch us and get a cat that can live on mice.

Minnie:  I don’t think you should panic. I heard they’re very diversified and have increased their bond holdings. Fluctuations in the market don’t affect them so much.

BowWow:  I hate it when you get all superior and smarty pants.

Minnie:  I know. It’s okay. Really, you shouldn’t worry about the stock market. The people love us. Even you.


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