My mother made popcorn in a pressure cooker but instead of the lid she used a dish towel which sometimes would touch the burner of the stove and start flaming and the whole house would smell like an emergency. And then she would put the towel in the wash and it would lie clean and folded in the drawer, the edges singed in the line of duty, next to others that had seen the same prior service. It was how popcorn was made and there was no thought to changing. No need to change what so clearly worked well enough.


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  1. We had one of those black metal boxes with a long handle that ended in a wooden rod to hold it by. We’d shake it over the element of the stovetop–rubbing it back and forth over the burner. No popcorn has ever tasted so good since. Of course it might have something to do with the amount of melted butter my mom poured over it.

    How are you doing since your surgery???

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