My New Life with Adele


IMG_3763What am I going to do when I can hear better, when my cochlear implant is activated and I’m getting all kinds of sound and decipherable speech in my ear, when I might know what instrument is being played without seeing it and catch a new melody, something I’ve never heard before?

I’m going to figure out the deal with Adele.

I bought her CD yesterday. I stood in front of a big rack of Adele CD’s, the one that has already outsold everything in history, and I thought, hey, it’s time to learn what everyone is so wild about. I can do this now, I thought, I don’t have to continue to be a popular music moron.

I am on the precipice of being hip. In the know. I will be humming a tune created within the past year. I could be swaying and beating a rhythm. Singing in my car, my new CD smokin’ in the CD drive. I could maybe get one of those CD holders that go on the visor and go to concerts. Smoke something. Maybe get a new Bic lighter. Mine went dead ages ago.

So I think all of this is pretty darn cool. I can’t wait.


8 Comments on “My New Life with Adele

  1. Let me know what the hype is all about – the brief snippets I have heard haven’t excited me.

    • I will but it could take a while. Not sure the robotic voice I get through the implant will do justice to Adele but everything is evolving so we’ll see. 🙂

  2. I have been told by my teen the very fact I use the word “hip” makes me not cool. I’m not sure what the new word is, but I’ll share it as soon as I learn it:).

  3. I may not drop in and comment all the time – but I honestly can’t wait until your implant is up and running. When it is, if you like Adele but want something else too try Melanie Fiona. She reminds me of being a kid and the music my old (mid 20’s) mom was listening to.

  4. Thanks much, Jan. I listened to Adele on YouTube last Friday as I cleaned the computers in the Job Center. It didn’t quite affect me the same way the first album did. But that may say more about where I was in that moment rather than the quality of the music. I hope you enjoy it whenever you are able to hear it.

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