Facebook Family

From across the country, I watch my nephew’s family on their adventures, outings to the beach, fun times with friends. In the faces of his children, I see my brother’s face, my sister’s. They are all blond, thin and sturdy, healthy kids, outdoor kids, I can tell from here. I see them and their mom. I don’t see my nephew.

I know that right now he needs to be somewhere else.

So I don’t question, don’t inquire. I long ago learned that I don’t need to know everything.

It isn’t my place to ask questions with difficult answers.

No one needs to explain their lives to me. Their decisions. Their living situation.

I am glad just to see such bright little faces. Just now, another post.

We’re here, the post says to me. We’re here and well and living life.

Me, too, I think. Me, too.

All of us in our different places.

3 Comments on “Facebook Family

  1. Sometimes ‘questions’ have a way of answering themselves . No need to ask, just be patient. All answers reveal themselves when tell time is right 🙂

    Glad they are all well…

  2. Beautiful, thoughtful observations on the day-to-day. Thank you for slowing it down. Namaste.

  3. I like your take on Facebook. I’m now on my third attempt to find a niche that doesn’t cause me stress in this social media tool and have discovered it is best, for me, to keep my “friends” as those who truly are friends – people I trust and mostly family members. I find FB gives me social anxiety and I know it’s silly but it does. So I really appreciate your acceptance of the medium and how it works best for you.

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