Across the room

My husband lights a cigar

He asks first, a reflex

Won’t the smoke bother me


My answer always the same

No, go ahead, I say

He waves away the smoke

Apologetic, grateful for my indulgence


The smoke takes me back

The announcer calling the play

My father’s halo floating above his chair

All is right, whistles blowing, tackles made


Later the smoke hangs

Draped on the flowers in the vase

Used, the fresh air spent and gone

I yearn for the window to be open

3 Comments on “Stogie

  1. I once quit smoking for a year and a half. It was cigars and how perfectly they go with whiskey that lured me back. As divine as they taste while I’m smoking one, the smell after is horrible.

    How loving of you to allow your husband to enjoy the indulgence of it.

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