You Just Need One

Boy on dock

You don’t need an army. You just need one.

One person who, like you, lost her job.

One person whose brother, like yours, lost his mind.

One person whose house, like yours, burned to the ground.

One person whose children, like yours, fail in school.

One person who, like you, cannot hear in the dark.

That’s all it takes. You don’t need an army. You just need one.

3 Comments on “You Just Need One

  1. I am catching up on past blog reading – obviously. 🙂 This is so important to say, Jan. And the other side of it is that it is so difficult to share those things that we are ashamed of – even if there is a hope of finding one other person. This seems especially true around children and grandchildren. When friends are bragging about successes, how do we say “well Alex just got arrested because he tried to break into a house while being falling down drunk.”

  2. This is brilliant.
    Sometimes it is isn’t the suffering that hurts so much (when you are traversing difficult times), but rather the loneliness of going through it alone.

    (by the way, I know about the hearing – not hearing – in the dark problem, so I am one for you there).

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