A 33-Word Editorial about Ferguson

People whose anger could ignite change opt instead to be polite, not wanting to rock boats carrying disapproval, while those whose anger is expected and discounted influence nothing but the air around them.

2 Comments on “A 33-Word Editorial about Ferguson

  1. I’m sad, discouraged, and left with so many questions. Are people protesting the decision, or that the decision isn’t what they wanted? Will the protesters read court transcripts to find out why the decision was made? Do we trust our justice system? If not, how will burning change that? Why are the vandals so predominately male? Will we ever know what really happened between two men? Do we trust the media to give us unbiased reporting? Did Rodney King teach us nothing? Would all this be happening if the two men had been of the same race? If violent protests change nothing, how can we expect peaceful protests to do anything? If protests, peaceful or not, effect no change, what is left? If nothing changed after Rodney King, how can we expect change now? How would society be if we returned to a matriarchal society? If we allowed more women to step in? The questions go on and on and on and I have no answers.

  2. And attitudes here…I live across the Missouri River from last night…act as self-fulfilling prophecies…and disenfranchised young men thrown rocks from Palestine to Ferguson…

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