I’m sick of his endless tricks.

Now this, signifying what?

Go? Stop? Worship?

Everything about him has become enigmatic, problematic.

Don’t you see what’s wrong?

I  beg for a way out of this tangled forest but he just points to the sky.

8 Comments on “Lost

  1. This is awesome! It reminds me of when I ran cross country in high school. I was always in the back of the pack…alone. I would come to these colored flags that would tell me which direction to go. I had the colors written on my hand in ink and I would still stop and doubt!! I probably would be just as perplexed at this! LOL Great response to the prompt. So creative!!

  2. Those stones can mean just about anything, so I completely understand the irritation! Plain language is best.

  3. Love the middle line Go? Stop? Worship?
    Pointing to the sky? Yeah, lame. Nice one, Jan!

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